ØM3/u with USB cable

Compatible with 5V Power Packs
€ 49.95 (incl.19%VAT | EU only)

ØM3/u is a powerful outdoor/bicycle/head lamp with a USB plug. You can operate this lamp with commercially available USB chargers. Works only when connected to 2A USB output ports.

Package content: ØM3/u lamp, 2 Silicone-O-Rings, helmet mount + extension cord

Shipping weight 287 g / 10.1 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 39€ | 13€ for each extra kg



The Øm3/u is one of the brightest USB powered LED lamps currently available. It can be connected to any USB interface, such as 5V external battery packs, notebooks or USB car adapters. External battery compatibility makes this light the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile and flexible lighting system.

Small size & so powerful

The Øm3/u delivers a smashing 950 lumens, giving you plenty of visibility for trail riding and riding at night. It has a medium beam spread to produce a truly fantastic off road light.

This lamp unit is ideally suited to the rider who is looking for a single light that produces good width and length in the beam of light, with more than enough power for a single off road night light system.

We equipped the Øm3/u lamp with three XML-U2 LEDs – one of the most efficient, high power LEDs on the market.

Works with any USB backup battery

The Øm3/u is a versatile and powerful system that provides the perfect light for any outdoor night activity.

Thanks to its USB port, you remain completely independant in your choice of battery – the Øm3/u can be operated with any high-performance USB backup battery on the market, providing 2 amp output. However, if you should already own an external battery pack to charge your mobiles on the go, you now may also use it to run the Øm3/u.

The higher the ampere-hour rating of a battery, the longer the Øm3/u will run. Paired with the notstrØm (10Ah), this tiny power lamp will run 4+ hours and with the V’bee Select (13.6Ah) more than 5 hours – if all LED’s are lit up with maximum brightness.

In order to prevent you from being left in the dark when the battery is empty, both – notstrØm and V’bee support you with a back-up power supply reserve. Turn on the lamp again and enjoy one extra hour of light in low brightness level.


More flexibility

The Øm3/u is equipped with a 40cm long coiled cable that can be extended up to 1m – making it the ideal solution for using as a bike light. An additional 1m extension cable ensures particularly flexible operation.

The coiled design saves space and resists kinks and tangles.

Traffic regulations vary from country to country!

You should therefore inform yourself carefully about the traffic and safety regulations in the country in which you are driving, as well as regulations governing the use of bicycle lamps. For example:

Riding on public roads in Germany with the Øm3/u lamp is not street legal according to the German traffic regulations (StVZO). Please enquire yourself about the traffic regulations that apply in your country.


Made of Aviation Aluminium Alloy and waterproof in accordance with IPX6, the Øm3/u is designed to use even in rain.

so compact

It is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand. But don’ t be fooled by its small size – this lamp is as bright as a car lamphead!

…and so cool

Most high-power LEDs can get extremely hot without good cooling. Since their efficiency and lifespan strongly depend on the ambient temperature, we have made cooling a top priority to the Øm3/u.

Thanks to the great passive cooling of the Øm3/u a minimal amount of air movement will be enough to keep the light cool enough to preserve its full lifespan, even at the highest setting.

Easy to operate

The illuminated blue push-button on the rear of the lamp allows you to circulate within four brightness levels. To meet your riding requirements, you can cycle through the modes LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and ULTRA HIGH sequentially. From 100% ULTRA HIGH beam light, you can switch directly to LOW BEAM light that illuminates your path ahead without blinding oncoming traffic.

A long push switches off the light.

Easy to mount

The lamp is mounted within seconds, no tool is required. We provide two rubber O-rings for quick and easy mounting operation to bars of any size. The Øm3/u can also be used as a head- or helmetlamp.

Tech Specs.

  • Product Dimensions 45 x 42 x 52mm / 1.8 x 1.7 x 2 inch
    Cable length 40cm / 16 inch extendible to 1m / 40 inch
    Weight 4.93oz / 140g with cable
    Light Source 3 x CREE XML2
    Material 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminium
    Surface treatment Type III hard-anodized
    Brightness 950 Lumens
    Modes 4 Modes LOW / MED / HIGH / ULTRAHIGH
    Waterproof IPX6
  • Operating Temperature -4°- +140° F (-20°- +60°C)
    Manual French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese download here
    Package Content Øm3/u lamp, two rubber O-Rings, one helmet mount, extension cord, manual in German and English
    works with all 5V USB devices with a 2 Amp output port

Common Questions

My light moves on the bar when riding over rough ground?
Your are most likely using the oversized o-ring on a normal bar – try readjusting the light position further towards the stem (where the bar is at its widest) – it should not move anymore.
How do I clean my ØM3/u?
If the lamp is covered in mud – do not stick under a tap or underwater. Clean with a damp or dry cloth. Do not put the lamp apart in any way; you will void your warranty.
Is my ØM3/u weatherproof?
Yes, our lamp is categorized as IPX6 which means the light and battery are protected from “dust and low pressure jets of water from all directions with limited ingress permitted”. In short, this means they can be used in all kinds of weather including heavy rain.
May I also operate the lamp without cooling wind?
Yes, without limitations. ØM3/u is absolutely heat-proof. Caution! The enclosure will heat up and you may burn your fingers.
What is the life expectancy of the LEDs?
The LEDs have indeed an almost unlimited life. Therefore, it rather makes sense to look at how the luminance decreases over time.
Is it OK to spray my light with WD40 to protect it?
No this is not recommended. Please clean your lights with a dry cloth or simply use a toothbrush and water. Do not use chemicals because these could react with the sealsor lenses.
I bought the ØM3/u and want now a waterproof connection to my notstrøm battery. Do I have to buy a new lamp?
No. The simplest and cheapest way is: Buy the waterproof plug, cut off the USB connector from the ØM3/u lamp cable, strip the individual wires and solder them with the waterproof connector.
Is my ØM3/u suitable for non-cycling use?
Sure. We recommend using the lamp for a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, camping etc.
That’s what other say about the OM3/u
That’s what other say about the ØM3/u