LED Bike Light ØM3

Perfect bike light for the notstrøm powerbank
€ 49.95 (incl.19%VAT | EU only)

ØM3 is an ultra-bright bicycle light with a waterproof connection to the notstrøm bike power bank. This cycling light emits 950 lumens of light through 3 super bright LEDs and gives a four hour runtime at maximum brightness.

Package content: ØM3 lamp, 2 Silicone-O-Rings, helmet mount

Product weight: 147g / 5.18oz

Shipping weight 287 g / 10.1 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 39€ | 13€ for each extra kg


Banish the Night

ØM3 is the perfect bicycle light when the sun goes down


High-power bike light for the nøtstrøm battery

The Øm3 bike light gets its energy from nøtstrøm/xt and can fully illuminate a dark road or path in front of you on a moonless night.
With up to four hours runtime at maximum brightness you never have to worry about running out of juice.

Fear no darkness

The Øm3 delivers a smashing 950 lumens, giving you plenty of visibility for trail riding and riding at night. It has a medium beam spread to produce a truly fantastic off road light. This bike lamp unit is ideally suited to the rider who is looking for a powerful light that produces good width and length in the beam of light. Whether commuting or touring long distances, the Øm3 soaks your path with glorious, consistent, dependable light.

Our powerful battery nøtstrøm/xt will provide enough run time to cope with your longest rides, plus a bit extra for emergencies or when the battery gets old or cold.

Enjoy your night ride

Our well designed Øm3 bike head light is small in size but big on practical performance. Three high-performance LEDs from Cree (XM-L2) deliver a very impressive rounded beam with lot of light around lower edge to spot road debris and potholes, then a long reaching centre strip for confident high speed riding.

Four hours runtime at max brightness

The Øm3 bike lamp allows you to easily switch between four brightness modes.
Paired with 10.000mAh notstrøm battery, the highest mode of Øm3 will last for more than four hours – long enough to enjoy exciting night rides.


Runtime of Øm3 with notstrØm and notstrØm XT (values in brackets)

LED charging level indicator

When the battery is almost completely discharged, the light will shut down and you will find yourself in the darkness.

Withstands mud and rain

Reliability is absolutely vital, because light failure at speed on technical terrain is no joke. The Øm3 is IPX6 tested – making it suitable for use even in very heavy rain.


Leads are often overlooked but vital to overall reliability. Our bike light comes with a spiral cable which has a secure waterproof connector (IPX8) that don’t fall out and won’t let water or muck into the battery.

Easy to Mount

The Øm3 bicycle light is mounted onto a handlebar within seconds, no tool is required. We provide two rubber O-rings for quick and easy mounting operation to bars of any size.

One Button – Four Modes

The blue illuminated push-button on the back of the Øm3 allows you to circulate within four brightness levels. To meet your riding requirements, you can cycle through the light levels LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH and ULTRA HIGH sequentially. From 100% ULTRA HIGH beam light, you can switch directly to LOW BEAM light that illuminates your path ahead without blinding oncoming traffic.

Alternatively you can get the Øm3 bike light with a USB-plug instead of our waterproof plug. You can run this bike head light with any other external 5V battery which has a 2A output.

We recommend powering the USB-version with our nøtstrøm/xt battery, which regularly will be delivered with a Y-cable. The Y-cable includes a USB-A input which allows you to charge any kind of mobile USB device through nøtstrøm/xt. You can use this port to connect the USB lamp and operate to full extend.

Please note: you can simultaneously charge an iPhone and operate the USB lamp with the Y-cable. When doing so, the USB lamp can be used to 3rd level only. In other words: you can charge your Smartphone and power the lamp simultaneously on all modes except Ultra High Mode!

At a Glance

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    Elegant & Robust

    Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body, Typed III hard anodized in black metal

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    Impressive Beam Distance >120m/394ft

    Powerful beam output that stretches a decent length down the road for confident speed even on unknown roads

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    Robust & Light

    The ØM3 is both lean and mean, weighing in at just 147g including a spiral cable – fit for racing and fit for you

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    Waterproof to IPX6 Standard

    This means that the lamp is capable of being exposed to the elements with no risk of failing

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    High-Performance LEDs

    Uses the very latest CREE XM-L2-U2 LEDs for unmatched output

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    Powerful Front Illumination

    The 950 lumen output gives great middle distance coverage and reach so you don’t need to compromise your back road riding speed after dark

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    Long Run-Time

    With a run time of more than 4 hrs on the highest setting you don’t have to worry about running out of juice

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    Quick & Easy Mounting

    The lamp is mounted onto a handlebar within seconds, no tool is required. We provide two rubber O-rings for quick and easy mounting operation to bars of any size.




Notstrøm XT Powerakku

Connect the ØM3 with 6.800mAh notstrøm XT and enjoy a brilliant light for about 2.7 hours in the highest brightness mode




Notstrøm Powerakku

Connect the ØM3 with 10.000mAh notstrøm and enjoy a brilliant light for more than 4 hours in the highest brightness mode


USB Bike lamp


ØM3u Bike/Outdoorlight

Alternatively you can buy the ØM3 bike light with a USB-plug instead of our waterproof plug

Brightness level 4 (Ultra High Mode)

Burn time ØM3 at level four

Brightness level 3 (High Mode)

ØM3 burn time level 3

Brightness level 2 (Medium Mode)

ØM3 burn time level 2

Brightness level 1 (Low Mode)

ØM3 burn time lowest level

Beam distance at the brightest level


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