Notstrøm Charging Cable with corrosion protected USB-C Plug

Connect your USB C devices to the Notstrøm
€16.95 (incl. VAT | EU only)

This charging cable with corrosion-protected USB-C plug is perfect for docking gadgets with USB-C connection to the NOTSTRØM during a bicycle or outdoor tour and charging them simultaneously in rain and wet conditions.

Long durability: The extremely durable nylon sheathing ensures that there is no cable clutter and the charging cable is resistant to the usual wear and tear.

Size: 65cm/25,59 inch. If you want a longer (max 95cm) or shorter (min 20cm) cable, we can make it for you at no extra cost. Send your email to with the required length.

Color: Black.

Product weight: 22g / 0.77oz

Shipping weight: 30 g / 1.06 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 12€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 22€ | 11€ for each additional kg


Charging cable with corrosion protected USB-C-plug and waterproof plug for connection to the notstrØm Powerbank

Optimized to work flawlessly with virtually all any USB-C devices.

This nylon braided charging cable with Notstrøm plug is perfect for docking a device with USB-C connection watertight to the notstrØm power bank during a bicycle or outdoor tour and charging it at the same time when it is raining or wet.

USB-C-Ladekabel mit wasserdichtem Stecker für die Notstrøm Powerbank

For outdoor applications, plug connections corrode relatively quickly, which is why we treated the USB-C connector with the same protective coating as used by the US military and many aircraft manufacturers to protect sensitive electronic components from corrosion. This protective varnish effectively protects the Lightning plug against abrasion, oil, scratches and fretting corrosion.

The most important facts at a glance

WATERPROOF: IP68 on the Notstrøm plug connector and IP65 on the USB-C plug by means of a mounted O-ring.

CORROSION PROTECTED: The USB-C connector is coated with a special protective coating used by the U. S. military, NASA and a variety of aircraft manufacturers to protect electronic components from corrosion.

STURDY + DURABLE: The charging cable is covered with braided nylon, has a high bending tolerance and lasts about 10times longer than a conventional USB-C cable.