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New review about the notstrøm in the blog “Live in the saddle”

Saturday, April 25, 2015 / By: Chef / 0 Comments

Tim Wiggins from the blog Live in the Saddle did publish on April 1, 2015 a review about the notstrøm battery. He tested our device for about a month and closed his test results with this conclusion:

To summarise, I think I’ve found my solution to the GPS charge problem on long touring trips and endurance rides. Notstrøm to the rescue! Not much larger than a Lezyne pump, and weighing in at just 291 grams, this is a lightweight, discrete and easily transportable power pack. It’s got a higher capacity than most outdoor batteries, and it’s well designed and engineered. Great work from the German brand ZNEX.

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Ich stimme zu, dass ZNEX diese Daten bis auf Widerrruf speichern darf.