V’bee Power Charger

10.400mAh | Can charge up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously
€ 39.95 (incl.19%VAT | EU only)

Portable power with two USB ports and one integrated cable to charge up to three devices simultaneously - perfect for people on the move. The V’bee can quickly charge almost any USB-device, including iPhone, iPad and most

Package content: V'bee, Micro-USB charging cable

Product weight: 259g / 9.1oz

Shipping weight 448 g / 16 oz


Up to 2kg 26€ | 10€ for each additional kg


Maybe a

Charge your devices throughout your travels with the V’bee Portable Backup Battery 10400mAh. It is the ideal solution for long plane flights, weekend trips, backcountry trips and busy work days. With its compact and lightweight body, you can easily put the V’bee into your pocket, backpack or handbag.

Packed with Power.

Packed with 10400mAh of juice and equipped with three output ports, the V’bee is designed to charge all your USB powered mobile devices. When at full capacity, the V’bee Portable Backup Battery can fully charge an average smartphone 5-6 times.

You and your friends will never have a dead phone on your hands again.

Enough power. For three.

Two high-speed USB ports + one built-in micro USB cable

The V’bee boasts dual USB ports, 2.1A and 1A, that allow two devices to be charged simultaneously. The 2.1A output is designed especially for tablets, the 1A output pairs perfectly with smartphones.

In addition, the V’bee includes a standard micro USB cable to recharge most smartphones and portable USB devices. Just eject the hidden Micro USB cable and charge your devices anytime.


Strong. And never slow.

Add 500% more battery life to an iPhone and more than 100% to a tablet (depends on its battery capacity). With two high-speed USB ports for simultanous charging, you will never be caught low on power again. The V‘bee is also the perfect power source for any other USB powered device, such as GPS, MP3 Player, helmet and action cameras.

  • 4.9 x iPhone 4 / 4S / 5, 4.6 x 5S / 5C
    1 x iPad 2, 0,6 x iPad 3 / 4, 0.8 x iPad Air
    1.6 x iPad Mini
    4.7 x Kindle Paperwhite, 1.6 x Kindle Fire
    3.5 x Samsung Galaxy S3, 2.8 x Galaxy S4
    1 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 / 3 / Note

Tech Specs.

Built-in Micro USB Cable Tucked Away………
…………Input Power Port
…………1A Output for Phones
…………2.1A Output for Tablets
  • Product Dimensions 105 x 88 x 23mm/4.13 x 3.46 x 0.90 in
    Weight 9.1oz/259 g
    Battery Capacity 10400mAh @3.7V /38Wh
    Cycle Life 500+ times
    Cell Type A-grade cells from LG
    Rated input Micro-USB Input (5V/1A)
    Rated output (total) 5V/2.1A
  • Operating Temperature -14°F to 140° F/ -10°C to +60°C
    Manual download here
    Package Content V’bee, Micro-USB Charge Cable, Manual is not included
    Compatibility see here

Common Questions

Can the V’bee charge my Laptop or Netbook?
Sorry. The V’bee outputs 5V and is only compatible with 5V USB devices. As Laptops and Netbooks need much higher voltage, you cannot use the V’bee to recharge.
Is the V’bee weatherproof?
No. The USB Outputs and the Micro USB Input are not sealed. When exposing the V’bee to all kind of weather, ingress of dust and water into the housing is possible and will lead to damage of the device.
Can I recharge my V’bee in any country in the world?
Yes. You can charge your V’bee from any USB port (PC, Laptop) or from any power outlet, provided the correct wall charger is used. There are many kind of world travel charger on the market.
When does the V'bee begin to lose capacity?
The V’bee contains A-grade Li-Ion-cells from LG. Nevertheless – after 500 Full cycles, (not just 500 charges to another device) will the V’bee loose its full power.
Will the V'bee charge my iPhone/iPad or iPod?
Sure; the V’bee is fully compatible with ervery iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Does the V’bee work with my phone?
Micro USB is now pretty much the universal standard when it come to charging mobile phones. All new smart- phones from these brands are compatible: Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Huawei, Philips, Panasonic and more.You can also click here to visit GSMarena.com and see a list of compatible phones that is continuously updated.

Can I charge my device while charging the V’bee?
Sorry. The V’bee does not support daisy-chain or pass-through charging. Please always charge the V’bee first, and then start charging your device.
Can I use my device while it is charged through the V’bee?
Yes, you can – but we advise you to fully charge your device first before using.
Can I store my V’bee for a long period of time?
Yes, you can. But we do not recommend it! Batteries begin fading from the day they are manufactured, no matter if you use them or not. So also storage will cause batteries to age.The V’bee and any other battery has “to work” to keep well and fit. The battery cells will deteriorate when not charging and discharging. Therefore, we recommend fully discharging and recharging the V’bee once a month. This will help to keep the V’bee healthy. Does the V’bee work with my tablet or eReader? There are hundreds of “tablet type” devices that charge & sync via Micro USB. All the Amazon Kindle readers do work and so do all of the Samsung, Black- Berry, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Motorola, HTC and Lenovo tablets.

Does the V’bee work with my tablet or eReader?
There are hundreds of “tablet type” devices that charge & sync via Micro USB. All the Amazon Kindle readers do work and so do all of the Samsung, Black-Berry, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Motorola, HTC and Lenovo tablets.
That’s what other say about the V’bee