NOTSTRØM XT Outdoor + Bike Power Bank

Durable waterproof mobile power bank
€ 69.95 (incl.VAT | EU only)

With the ruggedly powerful, weather resistant NOTSTRØM XT, you can keep just about any USB powered device going in the most extreme conditions. The NOTSTRØM XT is water & dustproof (IP67) – even if you have a device connected

Compatible: Smartphones, Tablets & USB Devices.

Capacity: 6.800mAh/24.5Wh

Package content: NOTSTRØM XT, bike mount bracket with anti-slip velcro, Y-cable with USB-A and micro USB connector, USB-C charging cable, two Velcro-Straps

Product weight: 215g / 7.58ozSORRY, SOLD OUT! NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Shipping weight: 563 g / 16 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 12€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 22€ | 11€ for each additional kg



The ultimate, waterproof and dustproof powerbank for cycling, sports + leisure

not​strØm xt

The best mobile charger for your next outdoor adventure

The xt is the little brother of the big notstrØm . It is powerful, robust, vibration-proof, water- and dustproof (IP67) and weighs with 215g only about as much as 2 bars of chocolate.
With these outstanding features, the xt is the ideal mobile energy source for use on construction sites, camping and outdoor sports such as mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, trekking, skiing or sailing.

Wasserdichte Outdoor und Bike Powerbank Notstrøm XT

Why a notstrØm xt ?

Hardly any power bank is designed for outdoor use. If it gets wet, dusty or dirty, ordinary mobile chargers can no longer be used. If fine particles of dust, pollen or moisture penetrate into the interior of a power bank, this is literally poison for the built-in electronics. Contacts can corrode and, in the worst case, could lead to a short circuit or power bank fire.

Even so-called outdoor power banks are only partially usable, because they are only waterproof and dustproof, as long as their ports are sealed with a rubber cover. What do you do when it rains and your smartphone needs power? How do you ensure the power of your gadgets in areas with very high humidity or heavy dust?

The notstrØm xt goes the decisive step further here. It is 100% waterproof and dustproof even if a charger is connected. This is possible because the notstrØm xt has no ordinary USB ports, but instead is equipped with an IP68 Hi-End connector.

Perfect for the bike

The notstrØm xt has been specially optimized for the toughest conditions off the beaten track.

Its 100% weatherproof design makes it an indispensable accessory for riders looking for a challenge when biking. However, perfect protection does not mean compromise in design. On the contrary!
The slim, hard-anodized aluminium cylinder is extremely robust and can be attached quickly and space-saving to the bicycle frame. Five blue LEDs give you information about the remaining capacity at any time.

Bike Powerbank Notstrøm XT mit Halterung am Unterrohr eines Fahrrads montiert

Just click into place

Included in delivery is a super-lightweight reinforced fiberglass holder for the battery that you can mount permanently to your bike’s frame with just two screws. Then, all you have to do is click notstrØm xt into place, just like you do with your tire pump, and secure it with the strap.

By the way: if you have already mounted a bottle holder, you can leave it there and you do not have to remove it.


Loose the two screws from the bottle holder, place the bracket and retighten the screws


Attach notstrØm xtto the bracket and fasten it with the velcro strap


Screw on the charging cable to notstrØm xt and connect to your smartphone


Press ON button for 2 seconds to start the charging process


The 6.800mAh notstrØm xt features a strong 2.4A output that enables you to rapidly charge up to two devices with the same charging speed as an outlet.

This means quick charges on the go for all your USB-enabled devices, from the smallest GPS device to the largest smartphone.

Compatible with smartphones, tablets, eReaders, music players, gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS handhelds, rechargeable lights and more.


You’ll find a Y-cable with USB-A and Micro USB connector included in the scope of delivery with which you can charge two devices at the same time.
Much more comfortable is a direct cable with waterproof plug. Up to 95cm length you can order any length you want and thus perfectly adapt to your needs.

Take me to the beach

While most of us love the sun, sand, and surf — electronic devices definitely do not.
Sand and water can cause severe damage, leading to shut-down, malfunctions or component damage.

With notstrØm xt you’ll no longer have to worry about sand or water. Even when charging another device, sand and water cannot penetrate notstrØm xt and damage its electronics.

Wasser und staubdichte Powerbank Notstrøm XT im Sand eines Badestrandes

A perfect companion

The notstrØm xt is the ideal charger to provide reliable power to smartphones, GPS devices and wearables on the water, in the mountains, on the beach or on construction sites.

Wherever you are exposed to the elements and you want to be sure that the power supply of your mobile devices is guaranteed.

Bicycle lamps as accessories

The notstrØm xt is not only the source of energy for thirsty cell phones, but also provides the power needed to power the ultra-bright front lights
Øm3 and Øm2 , which are available as accessories.

Bike lamp Øm3

Super bright 960 lumens.
Excellent illumination.
Lights about 2.5h in the brightest stage
with the Notstrøm XT


Bikelamp ØM3 made for Notstrøm power bank

Bike lamp Øm2

Very bright. 630 lumens.
Three lighting levels in an endless loop:
Low beam-high beam-floodlight
Lights up about 3 hours with the XT


Bike lamp ØM2 with spiral cable and waterproof connector to Bike power bank Notstrøm


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    High Operation Temperature Range

    Can be used in temperature ranging from 5-140°F (-15°C bis 60°C)

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    Military Standard

    The US Miliary standard MIL-STD-810G requires that your notstrøm xt withstands the drops, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day

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    5 LED Capacity Indicator

    The easy-to-read charge meter tells you how much charge is left in your notstrøm xt at quick push of a button. If the remaining capacity falls below 10%, the last of the five LEDs begins to flash

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    IP 67 Fully-Enclosed, Submersible

    The notstrøm xt is resistant against water ingress to a maximum of 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes, as well as resistant against dust ingress – even when you charge a mobile device

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    Dual Output & Fast Charge

    The 2.4 amps output can charge with the provided Y-cable two devices simultaneously

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    High Capacity with SANYO cells

    With its 6.800mAh internal A-grade cells from Sanyo, the notstrøm xt provides cyclists with an enormous amount of power

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    Robust & Lightweight

    The housing is made of rugged machined 6061 T6 aluminum and weights only 215g/7.58oz

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    Quick Mounting

    You can mount the fiberglass holder for the notstrøm xt within less than 5 seconds on your bicycle

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