LED Bike Light ØM2 with waterproof plug

Annother nice bike light for the NOTSTRØM power banks
€ 39.95 (incl. VAT | EU only)

ØM2 is an ultra-bright bicycle light with a waterproof connection to the NOTSTRØM bike power bank. This cycling light emits 720 lumens of light through 2 super bright LEDs and gives a four hour runtime at maximum brightness.

Package content: ØM2 bike light with a built-in handlebar mount, helmet mount/head strap and manual

Product weight: 138g / 4.86oz

Shipping weight: 298 g / 10.5 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 12€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 22€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Safe through the night

The øm2 brings light into the dark


LED Front Bike Light

With a light output of 720 lumens and 4 hours burning time in the brightest light level – in combination with the 10.000mAh notstrØm power bank – you are well prepared for your nightly adventures.

Perfect Heat Dissipation

The sleek aluminum heat sinks ensure excellent heat dissipation and thus extend the life of the LEDs.

Bike lamp with heat sinks shows heat dissipation

Three lighting levels in an endless loop

The Øm2 has three light levels which are switched in an endless loop without dark phase:


OM2 LED Lampe mit Nahlicht

Low Beam

LED Lampe OM2 mit Fernlicht

High Beam

OM2 LED Lampe mit Flutlicht


ØM3 bike lamp mounted on handlebar with low beam
ØM3 bike lamp mounted on handlebar showing three light levels

Over 4 hours of light in the brightest stage

With three light modes the Øm2 can be adjusted to your individual preferences.
The battery life at maximum power is a bit more than 4h with the notstrØm 10000mAh and 3h with the xt.

The charge level is indicated on the notstrØm by 5 LEDs.

So klein ist die ØM3 Outdoor und Helmlampe

Small + Light Weight

With 138g (incl. spiral cable) and a size of 50x30x27mm the Øm2 is surprisingly small and light.

More flexibility

The Øm2 is equipped with a 40cm long coiled cable that can be extended up to 1m – making it the ideal solution for using as a bike light. The coiled design saves space and resists kinks and tangles.

ØM2 mounted on handlebar

Enjoy the darkness

The Øm2 guides you safely through the night.
Two Hi-End CREE XML2-U2 of the latest generation illuminate your trail perfectly in all three light modes.

The energy gets the Øm2 from the notstrØm/xt. This waterproof and dustproof premium outdoor power bank ensures that the LED lamp is reliably supplied with power in every extreme situation.

Rainproof + Weather Resistant

The Øm2 is IPX6 certified for protection against heavy jet water and therefore suitable for outdoor, sports and leisure activities of all kinds.

In addition, the light is equipped with an IP68 waterproof plug, which effectively ensures that no water can penetrate into the notstrØm power bank

Angeschaltete ØM3 Helm und Outdoorlampe mit Wasserstrahl

Mounted in seconds

You can mount the Øm2 in no time on the handlebar or helmet mount.

Helmhalterung ØM3 Lampe
ØM2 montiert auf Helmhalterung
ØM2 am Fahrradhelm



Alternatively you can get the Øm2 bike light with a USB-plug instead of our waterproof plug. You can run this bike head light with any other external 5V battery which has a 2A output.


We recommend powering the USB-version with our notstrØm battery, which regularly will be delivered with a Y-cable. The Y-cable includes a USB-A input which allows you to charge any kind of mobile USB device through notstrØm . You can use this port to connect the USB lamp and operate to full extend.

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