ØM3/u Bike Light with USB Plug

Compatible with all 5V Powerbanks with an output of 2A or more
€ 49.95 (incl. VAT | EU only)

The 950 lumen bright light can be operated at any USB output with 2A or more; you can also connect the OM3/u to the Notstrøm/XT battery via the Y-cable.

Package content: ØM3/u light with a built-in handlebar mount, helmet mount/head strap, extension cord + manual

Product weight: 172g / 6.06oz

Shipping weight: 287 g / 10.1 oz


Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 12€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Up to 500g 7€ | 501g to 2kg 22€ | 11€ for each additional kg

Discover the dark worlds

With the øm3/u you can banish the shadows of the night


Ultra bright lamp for leisure, outdoor and camping

The Øm3/u with real 950 lumens is the brightest bike and outdoor light with USB connection currently available on the market.

Small, Lightweight + Handy

The small Øm3/u weighs 173g incl. spiral cable and is with a size of 45x42x52mm about the size of a lime.

Helmlampe ØM3 in der Hand
ØM3 on the palm of a hand
ØM3 Hand

More flexibility

The Øm3/u is equipped with a 40cm long coiled cable that can be extended up to 1m – making it the ideal solution for using as a bike light. An additional 1m extension cable ensures particularly flexible operation.

The coiled design saves space and resists kinks and tangles.

Bike light ØM3 mounted on a helmet

Choose your energy source yourself

Through the USB port you are completely independent in the choice of your energy source.
You can operate the Øm3/u with any power bank or USB interface that has an output of 2A.
If you already own a powerful power bank to charge a smartphone or tablet,
you can now use this as an energy source for the Øm3/u

The higher the capacity of a power bank, the longer the lighting duration of the Øm3/u

Works with any USB powerbank

that has an output of 2A or more.

ØM3/u USB light connected to Vbee Powerbank


With the blue illuminated click switch on the back of the lamp you can select 4 light levels: switchable without dark phase.

We have arranged the brightness levels so that road users or animals are not dazzled in the brightest level,
that it is possible to switch from the highest (high beam) to the weakest level (low beam) by pressing one button.

From 100% ULTRA HIGH beam light, you can switch directly to LOW BEAM light that illuminates your path ahead without blinding oncoming traffic.

Well designed + durable

The Øm3/u light is made of robust, weatherproof aircraft aluminium and IPX6 certified, so it can also be used in heavy rainfall.

With 172g (incl. spiral cable) and a size of 45x42x52mm the headlight is surprisingly small and light.

ØM3u mit Spiralkabel und Wasserspritzer


V’bee 10.400mAh


Connect the Øm3/u lamp with our V’bee power bank and you get light for more than 4 hours in the brightest light level






Connect the Øm3/u with notstrØm and enjoy a brilliant light for more than 3.5 hours in the highest brightness mode.




V’bee Select 13400mAh


Connect the Øm3/u with our V’bee Select power bank and you will get light for more than 5.5 hours in the brightest light level


Light Level 4 (brightest level)

ØM3 in der hellsten Leuchtstufe

Light Level 3

ØM3 Lampe in der zweithellsten Leuchtstufe

Light Level 2

ØM2 in der dritthellsten Leuchtstufe

Light Level 1

ØM3 in der niedrigsten Helligkeitsstufe

Light range in the brightest stage

That’s what other say about the ØM3/u