Waterproof IP67 Outdoor Power Bank with mounting bracket for the bike, road bike, MTB, trekking bike for charging smartphones, mobile phones, GPS devices and USB gadgets.

Waterproof bike powerbank Notstrøm and XT

ØM2 / ØM2/u

Very bright bike and outdoor lamp with three light levels in an endless loop:
Low beam high beam floodlight. 720 Lumens.
Optionally with waterproof (ØM2) or USB-Plug (ØM2/u).

ØM2 bike lamp with spiral cable

ØM3 / ØM3/u

Ultra-bright bike lamp with 960 lumens.
Excellent illumination. Watertight IPX6. Mounted in a second. Lights about 3½h in the brightest stage with the large Notstrøm power bank.
Optionally available with waterproof (ØM3) or USB plug (ØM3/u)

ØM3 bike lamp with spiral cable

Powerbank V’bee Select

13.600mAh/49Wh | 4.1A | Can charge three mobile devices at the same time.
Smallest and most powerful power bank in its class.
With pass-through technology:
The V’bee Select can be charged simultaneously by itself and charge other devices at the same time.

Vbee Select auf Schreibtisch

NOTSTRØM XT Outdoor Power Bank
with micro-USB port (instead of USB-C port) for 55€

Technically perfect + brand new

Gruppe Bergsteiger mit Nitestrøm Stirnlampen


Super bright 168 lumens LED Headlamp with
Infrared sensor gesture control, red light, flashing light, SOS emergency whistle + FREE LED light bracelet.
Waterproof IPX6